Friday, September 18, 2009

The blog strikes back

I've always loved blogging, but my past blogs have all been so political incorrect that I thought it was best that I stop after becoming a company man. So I did; for the last 2 years of working for Microsoft, my blog has been put on a hiatus.

To respect the facts, I did try to return to blogging 1 year ago. However, fearing making Human Resources + Public Relations blunders, I was extremely watchful of what I wrote, and during the period I had produced nothing but really cheesy essays about things that mattered to nobody. My blogs was so boring that I would fall into sleep proof-reading it. Suffice to say that effort was put to rest shortly after.

But my blog is coming out of retirement for the second time, and it is doing so not just to play catchup with Michael Jordan who came out of his retirements three times, but out of my love to blog.

A little bit about who I am, and what I do: I've recently moved to a team that is writing tools for building RESTful web services, which is a field I have a lot passion about. This blog is mostly about
(1) REST,
(2) what Microsoft is doing for REST,
(3) what I think of (1) and (2),
(4) random stuff about my personal life that will give you a personal touch (yes that is a Microsoft blogging guideline - I am a company man after all.)


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  1. Welcome back to RSS-land! Let the assimilation continue.